Introducing, the worlds first, browser based traffic and billing platform!

It's a brand new way of doing Traffic, built for collaboration, speed and ease of access.

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radio reporting software
radio crm integration

Integrations with your favourite apps

Streamline your process by integrating your radio traffic software with 100+ services, including Google and Outlook. We maintain relationships with the world's leading technology to provide the best user experience possible.

traffic software for radio

Build & edit logs in your browser

  • Spot Separation
  • Voice Clashing
  • Live Avails
  • Taxes
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Priority Placements
  • Log/Clock Editor
  • Write On's
  • Product Clashing
  • Fillers
  • Copy Instructions
  • Partner API
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Developer Friendly

Are you a developer with a great idea?


Your Idea

We let you build your idea on top of our platform, meaning you don't have to build an entire traffic and billing system, just to get your idea off the ground.


Build & Deploy

Use our world class, secure Partner API to integrate directly with our platform. We have made it super easy to extend on Radio Workflow and sell your extensions.


Get Noticed

Make money instantly, by launching your new extension in our Marketplace. A great idea, deserves to be seen, we help make that happen.

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billing platform

Don't wait for Traffic to send you the reports you need.

  • Build custom reports
  • Instant access
  • Integration with leading automation systems
  • User friendly with training available